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(1-800) LOCKOUT Founder, Michael CrumOur founder, Michael Crum, has been in the  locksmith business for almost 30 years,  and has had the privilege of working with  some of the best locksmiths in the  industry, including masters in the trade and  developers of lock tools and equipment. He  got into this business at the ground level at  a second generation locksmith company in  San Francisco. He spent years of hard  work developing his skills as a locksmith while networking with other local locksmiths who were instructors and members of the California Locksmiths Association, as well as members of the American Locksmith Association of America.

Many of the people he worked with wrote books and articles for trade magazines, as well as safe and vault articles. In the 1990’s, he bought a company in Cleveland, Ohio and expanded to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Just a few years later, he was able to expand again and work with locksmith friends in the Tampa Bay area of Florida as well. Over the years, he has enjoyed working with a lot of friends and coworkers, while doing the jobs that help make the world much safer for generations to come.

Our mission is to help keep the American locksmith dream alive for fellow locksmiths eager to retake the ground they have lost to scammers who prey on the livelihood of our community. Not only do we prefer to have the best locksmiths for the job, we want to have the best people servicing the community. This will help us address an even bigger goal for those communities which we have the pleasure and responsibility to help protect and service: to form a network of locksmiths to assist in the fight against domestic violence!

This is something we have found to be even more rewarding than protecting people’s property.By helping customers protect their lives, we are able to help shield the next generations from the harm of domestic violence. Providing professional locksmith services to central Ohio, Florida and California since 1987, founder Michael Crum has worked with some of the best locksmiths in the industry.

Having studied under masters of the trade, Michael is training a new generation of professional technicians using up-to-date technologies and ongoing education.

Over the years, we have been members of the American Locksmith Association, the National Locksmith Association, the Locksmith Ledger, and the California Locksmiths Association
Licensed, insured and with all state qualifications met nationwide, 1-800-Lockout employs top-rated, second- and third-generation locksmiths who have the experience and skill to help you quickly.

We work with a vast network of technicians to ensure local locksmiths in your community are always on-call for emergencies. Utilizing GPS technology, we can quickly and accurately locate your home, car or office.

Certified, bonded and insured, call us for professional locksmith, lock repair, and key services in Ohio, Florida, and California. 1-800-Lockout (1-800-562-5688).



Lockout provides commercial locksmith, lock repair, and key service for Ohio, Florida and California. Emergency lock services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Are you locked out of your car, truck, RV or other vehicle? Did you lose your car keys? 1-800-LOCKOUT provides emergency vehicle locksmith services in Columbus, Florida and California.

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We provide quick, reliable service within minutes, from the best technicians in the industry, using the most advanced equipment and technologies available.

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