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1 800 Locksmith CharityOne of the missions at 1-800-LOCKOUT is helping the communities we serve. As locksmiths, we often find ourselves changing locks for domestic violence victims. We find that many times the key to one’s house goes with the keys to one’s heart. Unfortunately, sometimes to the wrong person, and so often at the wrong time. That is why we provide a 24 hour service at 1-800-LOCKOUT for whenever we are needed to respond to what can very often be a life-threatening emergency.

Many times we see the aftermath of something that could have been prevented if we would have been called sooner to change the locks. After a domestic dispute, it’s very important that the victim changes the locks after the abuser leaves. If you do not change the locks, it can become a more costly mistake for themselves, their family, and the community where we live.

This is sometimes the best way to use an ounce of prevention to prevent a more costly incident from happening to begin with. This ounce of prevention, which is worth more than the pound of cure, allows people to slow down after a fight, take a break, and start the healing process. If things work out for the better in the relationship, a key can easily be given again.

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Fight Domestic Violence! 1-800-Lockout is changing the statistics of domestic violence one lock at a time!

In an effort to save lives we want to lock the abusers out, we are using Columbus, Ohio, as our pilot location to make this policy active. Our goal is to lower the statistics of domestic abuse which will, in turn, lower the number of injuries and deaths.


If you are a victim of domestic violence and find yourself in a position where you need your locks rekeyed for your safety but cannot afford to have this done, please call us now so we can help!


Our focus is to provide an ounce of prevention instead of having society paying for the pounds of cure, such as legal help (court and legal costs) and hospital bills, to help a domestic violence victim.


Who We Help:

Domestic Violence Victims: Provide safety, security, and peace of mind. By changing your locks, you have a better chance of avoiding a dangerous situation. Our hope is that locking out your attacker will discourage them from causing you any bodily harm.

If your abuser tries to forcibly enter your home, they will have to break in to reach you. This will give you the extra time you need to call the authorities and potentially escape, plus you can then prosecute your attacker for an illegal entry.

Police: do not have to respond to as many domestic abuse calls and SWAT hostage situations are prevented.

Prosecuting Attorneys: do not have to prosecute because the potential assailant is locked out.

Insurance Companies: prevent insurance fraud of a domestic violence victim. Many victims lie about the reasons for their injuries and make a false claim, such as claiming that they fell down.


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